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B-Rhymes Pro iPhone App: Slant Rhymes AND Full Rhymes

The B-Rhymes Pro iPhone app has just been released on the app store. The most frequent request I get from users of the standard B-Rhymes iPhone app is to make it not require internet access so that you can find

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B-Rhymes iPhone and Android apps – 20k downloads

The B-Rhymes Android app just hit 10,000 downloads. The B-Rhymes iPhone app is up to ~12,200 downloads. From server logs, I can see that on any given day, there are about 500 different people using the mobile apps. Now whenever

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Slant Rhyme Improvements

Recently I’ve done a few improvements to the slant rhyme dictionary. Improvement #1 – Better Consonant Comparison Consider: rap vs rat – good rap vs rant – bad Previously these get the same score. The difference between rat and rant

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Finally Working on iOS4!

I messed up the first submission… but B-Rhymes is finally working on iOS4! Basically, I had it working, but then I noticed something saying that I needed to have built it with the lasted version of xcode, Apple’s developer program,

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iPhone 4 is out! 5000th Android download

Unfortunately this apparently breaks the B-Rhymes iPhone App. I’ll need put in some work to update it. Sorry! In the mean time please try the iPhone version of this site: Also I might put in iAd support… I hope

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New iPhone Dev Restrictions

Snaaaap. 3.3.1 — Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or call any private APIs. Applications must be originally written in Objective-C, C, C++, or JavaScript as executed by the iPhone

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50,000 iPhone games? How many are spam?

I’m a bit jaded from realizing the magnitude of app spam out there. So when checking out the iPhone OS 4.0 presentation on Engadget, and I see a number like there being 50,000 iPhone games vs 4,321 DS games, I’m

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App Spam

I just updated the B-Rhymes Android app with a bug fix. A side benefit of releasing bug fixes on either the Android Market of iTunes App Store, is that it gets your app in the “Just In” list for a

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B-Rhymes Android App Now Available on Android Market

B-Rhymes Mobile, now on Android. If you’re on your droid now, get it here: market://details? Or load up the market and search for ‘b rhymes’. An interesting note, the thing was available on the market the second I hit ‘publish’.

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B-Rhymes Now Available on the iPhone App Store

W000! Click this badge to check it out: Or check out the beautiful local B-Rhymes iPhone page.

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What is B-Rhymes?

B-Rhymes is a rhyming dictionary that's not stuck up about what does and doesn't rhyme. As well as regular rhymes, it gives you words that sound good together even though they don't technically rhyme.

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