iPhone 4 is out! 5000th Android download

Unfortunately this apparently breaks the B-Rhymes iPhone App. I’ll need put in some work to update it. Sorry! In the mean time please try the iPhone version of this site: iphone.b-rhymes.com

Also I might put in iAd support… I hope people don’t mind too much.

In other news, the B-Rhymes Android App passed 5,000 downloads! It’s harder to get that stat for iPhone apps, but I think the iPhone version is around 7k downloads.

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One comment on “iPhone 4 is out! 5000th Android download
  1. Tim says:

    All the best Mike with the update, your app is brilliant and I’ve used it so much over the past 3 months. Just letting you know how much your work is appreciated, especially by us lowly lyricists!

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