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iPhone app working

Hey, the iPhone app is 100% working again. Go update if you’re still having problems. Sorry I took so long. Initially I thought I’d fixed it but it turned out to be something else, a real iOS gotcha involving looking

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iOS app currently broken in iOS 6

iOS 6 came out yesterday. Thanks to everyone who reported it to me! I’ll find some time this weekend to take a look at it. This is the price of being an early adopter . Also maps.

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Visualizing Top B-Rhymes

At my friend Momoko’s suggestion, here’s a Wordle diagram of the top rhymed words in B-Rhymes from June and July this year. It seems to have stripped out some more common words like ‘me’ and ‘you’. Anyway click to bigify.

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App Comments

Wow, B-Rhymes Pro just received the best app store comment ever: I needed this thing to write a heart breaking poem and man did it deliver! This app is great! Talk about doing what it says! It brings up words

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Rhymes update. Over 300 new words.

New words! Including Nintendo, Adidas, diabolical,ganja, hiphop, Rambo, xbox and more. Corresponding app updates coming soon. I should note that all these words are ones that people tried to rhyme, but couldn’t find. Full list: accumulated adidas ali angels answers

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B-Rhymes App Review

Check out this nice little review on Palm Sounds:

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Added Rhyme Index

I added some pages that are basically a list of all the words in B-Rhymes: B-Rhymes Rhyme Index This is supposed to help me with Google, but you might find it interesting too.

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B-Rhymes iPhone and Android Apps Updated

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve updated both the Android and iPhone (both free and pro) B-Rhymes apps. Lots of improvements in both so check them out in the Android App Market and iTunes App Store respectively.

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Top Commonly Rhymed Words on B-Rhymes

Just for interest, here’s the top 200 or so words that people have been trying to rhyme with B-Rhymes. This includes people on this web site as well as on both the iPhone app and Android app. Maybe there’s some

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Rhyme Words Update

Added about 400 new words to B-Rhymes slant rhyme dictionary, mostly based on what people are putting into B-Rhymes and not finding. In addition to a lot of past tense and -ing verbs I added a names of people, places

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What is B-Rhymes?

B-Rhymes is a rhyming dictionary that's not stuck up about what does and doesn't rhyme. As well as regular rhymes, it gives you words that sound good together even though they don't technically rhyme.

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