50,000 iPhone games? How many are spam?

I’m a bit jaded from realizing the magnitude of app spam out there.

So when checking out the iPhone OS 4.0 presentation on Engadget, and I see a number like there being 50,000 iPhone games vs 4,321 DS games, I’m really, really curious about what fraction of those are spam, renamed duplicates, or total garbage. Not that there isn’t garbage created for the DS too, but I feel now that comparing quantities of apps to quantities of traditionally published software is basically lying.

On one hand, it’s in the advantage of Apple to allow app spam so they can say, ‘look 150,000 apps!’, but on the other hand, as they let the store fill with trash, one thinks it will turn around and bite them eventually. I wonder if a $25 fee per published app might solve the problem.

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