Progress: B-Rhymes’ Near Rhyming iPhone App

Update: The app is now available.

The iPhone app I mentioned before is really coming along:

We’re using PhoneGap — a framework that allows you to write iPhone apps with web technology (JavaScript, CSS, HTML) — which I love because I love web development (it also happens to be my area of expertise). In addition, PhoneGap should make it easy to port the app to Android and BlackBerry.

I can’t believe how fast this is progressing. It should get to the app store before long, and then to your iPhone! Here’s a screen shot in the mean time.

Comments, suggestions welcome.

B-Rhymes iPhone app screenshot

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6 comments on “Progress: B-Rhymes’ Near Rhyming iPhone App
  1. FW says:

    Mike, I have a great B-Rhymes story for you. Are you familiar with the near rhyme:

    “Word to your moms, I came to drop bombs.”

    I used that line recently in an IM conversation. Moms and bombs. It’s great. It reminded me of B-Rhymes.

    That is all.

    • Mike Lin says:

      FW, bombs doesn’t rhyme with moms! What are you crazy? It rhymes with … Brom?

      I really have to get around to clearing out these obscure words.

    • Mike Lin says:

      Also, you should make an iPhone app for your site… zineBla? :P I can’t believe how easy it is with PhoneGap.

  2. Brian says:

    Thank you FW, you have now demonstrated how B-Rhymes can be used to make us all dumber.

  3. SAM says:

    Mikey, although I don’t have an iPhone, I am very enthusiastic about the idea that your app exists. Maybe you should make one for the BlackBerry. That way people who don’t just dick around with their phone but actually use it to get somethings done can rock the mic too.

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