Slant Rhymes or Near Rhymes

Apparently the terms slant rhyme and near rhyme are interchangeable, as are the terms half rhyme, off rhyme and oblique rhyme. I’ve been using the terms near rhyme, and almost rhyme for the most part when describing this site. I find people automatically understand these terms and I don’t have to work so hard explaining things.

I bring this up because I’ve been reading about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and apparently I need to research keywords that people put into search engines, especially using this google tool, and I’ve discovered that there’s almost 10x as many searches done for slant rhyme than there are for near rhyme!

Now, my intuition tells me that 90% of those people are wondering ‘wtf is a slant rhyme’, or maybe it’s a British term or something. However, it shows you shouldn’t assume anything, or you’ll be barking up the wrong tree for half your life.

Update: Apparently it’s a hiphop term. Now I feel like an idiot for thinking it might be British.

'Slant rhyme' gets searched more often than 'near rhyme'

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3 comments on “Slant Rhymes or Near Rhymes
  1. i think hip hop and rap might just be the culprit there man. like no one called a shorus a chorus anymore, they call it a “hook.”

    ‘slant rhyme’ is a common and hotly debated term in hiphop. It’s nice to see a site i can CLEARLY point to and say “SEE!”


    • Mike Lin says:

      Nice! Now I feel like an idiot for thinking it might be British. That adwords tool is awesome, hey? It’s like peering into the human soul.

      The real question is whether I should re-purpose the writing on this site to be all about slant rhymes, to try and draw in these slant rhyme searchers.

  2. Dave Russo says:

    I don’t know how old the term “slant rhyme” is, but it predates the hip hop by decades. It was a term tossed about in my English classes quite a bit back in the Disco Era–and it was old then. But that just shows how deep a river you have tapped with this site.

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