B-Rhymes iPhone app on the way

My friend Pat proposed making a B-Rhymes iPhone/Blackberry app so you can find near-rhymes on the go. We talked it over, and it seems like it would be pretty straightforward. So look for it in the near future at your local app store.

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2 comments on “B-Rhymes iPhone app on the way
  1. Android User says:

    As a rapper, I’ve been searching for something like this for a long while (shout-out to MC Frontalot for bringing it to my attention), so I just want to remind you not to leave out all us Android users that could really benefit from this kind of thing on the go, without having to rely on the internet, except to get updates.

    • Mike Lin says:

      Hey, thanks for the interest. I’m pretty excited by the idea of rappers using B-Rhymes. I did a little dance when I saw MC Frontalot had tweeted me.

      The first version of the mobile app is going to rely on this webserver to get data for each and every query, to the dismay of people sans data plans.

      The problem is, this thing involves a lot of data. Way more data than a normal dictionary. The database backing it is like 160MB, which I don’t think is insurmountable, but it’ll take some work to get it down to something reasonable. That is more work than a first version.

      As for Android, I guess I missed it above. It’s defintely in the plan.

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