Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is B-Rhymes?

A: It’s a dictionary that shows you words that have a high degree of consonance, or similarity. A normal rhyming dictionary shows you words that fully rhyme, i.e. they are exactly the same in their last 1,2 or 3 syllables. B-Rhymes, aka slant rhymes, can have sounds that don’t rhyme, but still sound similar, so they still sound good together.

Q: Why slant rhymes when you could have full rhymes?

Slant rhymes still sound good, and have the advantage of being novel. People yawn once again hearing ‘lie’ rhymed with ‘die’. A few unexpected B-Rhymes sprinkled around surprises people and makes them pay attention.

Q: How does B-Rhymes know what almost rhymes?

A: It’s mostly based on the number of phonetic features that are different between two sounds. eg ‘t’ and ‘d’ are the same, except that ‘d’ is voiced and ‘t’ isn’t. With only a single difference ‘t’->’d’ gets a high rating, almost as high as ‘t’->’t’. In a regular rhyming dictionary t->d gets the rhyme thrown out. I suggest reading up on linguistics and phonology for more details.

Q: What’s with the name ‘B-Rhymes’?

A: They’re not A-Rhymes, they’re B-Rhymes, like b-celebrities. I guess C-Rhymes are words that don’t rhyme at all, aka Fail Rhymes.

Q: What do the scores mean?

The scores are the total of the ratings of each pair of sounds from the two words. The more syllables that (almost) rhyme, and the closer they almost rhyme, the higher the score.

Eg, consider B-Rhymes with ‘flexible’. Why does ‘lexical’ get a better score than indelible?

Near rhymes with Flexible

flexible f_leksibuhl N/A
lexical leksikuhl 2060
indelible indelibuhl 1580

Even though the last syllable is a slant rhyme, flexible->lexical gets a higher score than flexible->indelible (a full rhyme) because it has additional sounds that rhyme earlier in the word.

49 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you so much for site! It’s much more flexible and usable in poetry and Writing. B-Rhymes was a great idea and it’s extremely useful. No writer should go without B-Rhymes!

  2. Rich Laban says:

    Outstanding site. I write songs for my own use and this is invaluable

  3. Absolutely fantastic… Finally, a resource for writing that isn’t excessively rigid… Thanks!

  4. Kevin says:

    Great site but add the word oddity!

  5. Mister GDNE says:

    NtReal rhymes are good and all, but slant rhymes are used for those who compare themselves to B Rabbit from Malibu (Malibu’s Most Wanted)! I’m a Malib-ooty wanna be! Wicked awesome app.

  6. Dran Warfare says:

    Say Homie I need a rhyme for ”Andrewsarchus”…..
    its a prehistoric beast and I need something from your life saving rhymes!

    get back at me and thanx

    - Dran Warfare

    • Andrew Sarchus says:

      I am Andrew Sarchus and you are just a man who farts dust, so can you march us from brand new car rust to scan used mark-ups rather than hew art busts that ran through hard struts to ban blue shark hunts.

  7. Dran Warfare says:

    Say Homie I need a rhyme for ”Andrewsarchus”…..
    its a prehistoric beast and I need something from your life saving rhymes!

    get back at me and thanx

    - Dran Warfare

  8. Dran Warfare says:

    Say Homie I need a rhyme for ”Andrewsarchus”…..
    its a prehistoric beast and I need something from your life saving rhymes!

    get back at me and thanx

    - Dran Warfare

  9. Dran Warfare says:

    yes here is the URL for wikipedia on Andrewsarchus, it has its info and pronunciation.
    hope this helps you to help me..

  10. julian says:

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the only useful rhyming dictionary on the web. Cheers!

  11. dave says:

    i have been using (and loving) B-Rhymes for a few years now, both on PC, and Android device. Android B-Rhymes version long-press input, instead of directly calling browser, could instead, if Android Dictionary/Thesaurus app is installed on device, call the Android app directly. I would very much like that insertion into your code, and don’t think it would involve too much additional code on your part. BTW, it’s a great app now. Thanks.

  12. Michael says:

    Hey mate, I would pay for the Pro version on Android in a heartbeat! I travel by airline a lot for work and I need the offline version on my Samsung Galaxy. Pleeeeease!

  13. RitaFantastic says:

    This rhyming dictionary is the best, thank you so much! But is there a way to see more than 99 results? I can’t seem to find a button to see more. Maybe it’s in the app? (I haven’t tried the app yet.)

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  16. Ore' says:

    Thanks for your most useful site. May I suggest that on each home page you add a link people can use to give you additional b rhymes to improve your result selection. For example when I entered beat I realized feet was not listed and thought it would be a valuable addition. Such an app would allow your users to improve the vitality of your selection.

    Yours truly,

    Ore’ Gartland

  17. Barbara says:

    Any way to download older versions of B-Rhymes Pro (ios 6 compatible) on my 3GS iPhone? Thanks!

  18. Anna says:

    No proszę. Autor plus 5.

  19. Matt says:

    Hello, I recently purchased your app. I would like to just bring a bug to your attention. If you open up the app and search for something quickly, and tap search, the app crashes.

    Also if you can, can you make the update that fixes it compatible with iOS 7 because my device does not support iOS 8.

    p.s I could not contact you when I clicked contact me on the bottom right so I went here.

  20. Cliff Keller says:

    Hi guys, thanks for the nice service. I have a suggestion, when it comes to “rating” how about changing it from how many syllables rhyme to how likely the rhyme will fit. I find i have to do a lot of searching through very obscure and improbable words to find a good rhyme.
    This is a b-rhymes site, how close the rhyme isn’t really that important.

    best regards
    Cliff Keller

  21. Ryan says:

    Hey dude just wanna say this is the best rhyming dictionary a freestyle rapper could want. You should collab with rapgenius, it would help you get a ton of hits

  22. jane says:

    this website is crap

  23. Cliff Keller says:

    Hi, i am a paid subscriber but I must be doing something wrong here. The scores just don’t make sense to me. I notice this all the time. For instance, this morning looking up a rhyme for Mirror, top scores are Millard, Millar, Milford, milker, milward. Before I get to “usable” and close rhymes like clearer, quicker I have to wade through words like smithers, izzard, izard, admixture, etc…

    Are my settings wrong? Your service is fast and reasonably priced, but either I am using this wrong or your score system is bonkers.

  24. Daiquri says:

    I don’t think ‘daiquiri’ was processed by the system correctly. It should rhyme with quackery, but all of the suggested rhymes are way off.

  25. alex says:

    Indeliable is NOT a perfect rhyme to flexible. The syllable is “ex”, not the syllables “ible”. That’s why perfection and abdication aren’t perfect rhymes. and If a site about rhyming can’t even get the terms right, it doesn’t even deserve to be a footnote in anyone’s memory. A site exclusively about one thing should at least know the terms for that thing.

  26. Action says:


    I noticed that i can usually think of at least a few words that dont get included when i search for something. For example when I search “dying”, the word “lining” doesnt appear, even though, to my ears, it sounds like a closer rhyme than most of the other results listed. Is there a way to submit words for addition to the database?

    I know from a web design perspective it might take some time and effort to implement, but it would make the site a lot more community based which will open it up to growth. You could even have people upvote user-submitted rhymes if they are extra good.

    Thanks! Love the site!

  27. danR22 says:

    ‘orange’  B-rhymes (or B+ -rhymes) with ‘door-hinge’, if the latter is spoken naturally and conversationally.

  28. Moez says:

    prepositions are usually softly stressed. When combined with B-rhymes, they work well, especially when following the same stress pattern as another word.

    in denial
    a liar

    “I don’t know why it is, but I know I’m in denial,
    I’ve convinced myself it’s real, but really I’m a liar”

    “I’m a” and “liar” have assonance too. Double win.

  29. wtf this is shit says:

    wtf this is shit

  30. AnDrew says:

    So, I wrote this couplet to set up a rhyme between “all” and “fall” with both lines having an even number syllables. I then revised it to subvert that expectation by replacing “fall” with “falter,” which breaks the rhyme adds a syllable so an even line is followed by an odd line: both of these things create the sensation of faltering in the poem itself: and I thought it was fucking neat as hell.

    There’s no search engine that can help me find these (to coin the term) unrhymes, because no engine lets you just, as an option, ignore the last bit of the words to build your search results. I lucked into “all/falter.” I bet it’d take weeks of searching for anyone to find more complicated matches organically.

    So, I’m asking: do you think these unrhymes are interesting and worth having an engine to make their use easier? And do you think they’re worthwhile enough to build that engine to share?

    I get that it’d be a lot more coding that I want to think about (because it’s never as simple as you think it is, right?) and I know I’m not offering you any compensation. I’m kinda hoping that you find this relationship interesting enough that your interest would carry you through as at least a back-burner pet project. And then after that, I’m hoping your kind enough to also share it with us.

    It’s a lot to hope for, I know. But I also think it’s a neat interaction enough to hope.

  31. b,n jb says:

    nothing rhymes with them on this site

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  36. Nora Freeman says:

    I love this site! As a member of the NYC-Metro Raging Grannies I adapt familiar melodies with new words to advocate for peace and justice. B-rhymes make it so much easier, plus make the songs more interesting, plus remind us of the futility of insisting on perfection in an imperfect world. I don’t have any suggestions for monetizing your site, just a great big pat on the back. Thanks so much!

  37. Gary Griffin says:

    Only have to say what so many others have said… a great site, especially for songwriters. Sometimes when I have a lyrical theme/progression in mind, and perhaps a line or two partially written, a simple word in your results triggers a completely different (and better I think) idea and path to pursue. This wonderful work of yours rocks big time, thanks.

  38. Art brown says:

    As Gary Griffin said above, as did many before he, I write poetry/lyric’s and this site spawns some great creative energy. Paz y amor

  39. Will says:

    Excellent resource, thank you! I especially like the phonetic pronunciation guide – it’s the only one I’ve been able to actually read and understand without looking up extra information. Would you consider documenting or open sourcing this feature?

  40. RhymeSmoke says:

    So many more words can be rhymed depending on how its
    pronounced and lets not forget slang. Also multiple words rhyming with single words. I checked a few words on here to see what i would rhyme it with and i had a couple more words than were listed.

    The site should have a way to add words or phrases that are not listed. For example: orange- forage, porridge, forests

  41. This is a great site, but I don’t need to see it every time I open google. It gets in the way of what I want to do. How can I get rid of it when I’m not rhyming?

  42. Anthony says:

    Hello, just wanted to inform you that the definitions on the right of the top rhyme results are covered up by the “What is B-Rhymes?” message, tweets, and ads on the website now.

  43. mj says:

    QUESTION- my friend and i were looking at words that rhymed with door for our new song and we could not find chore on there, WHY NOT?”??? it rhymes, we also were wondering if we could be authors of this website and help you guys out since we are younger we know all the hip new words that kiddos these days use

  44. joemamma says:

    uhh. great website. But please remove the n word.

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